Thursday, June 29, 2017

Follow Up - OSR Artist Mona Dowie has Stage 4 Cancer - The Tavern will Match the First $250 Donated by Tavern Readers

Following up on this morning's post about Mona Dowie and her battle against Stage 4 Cancer. I just discussed the situation with Rach and we agreed that The Tavern needs to take a leading roll in this.

So, this is what we are going.

The Tavern will match the first $250 raised by readers of The Tavern that donate to Mona's GoFundMe. Comment below and let me know who you are on the donation page or email me at tenkarsDOTtavern at that Gmail thing with the info.

The matching offer is good through July 7th, at which point I'll total up the donations from Taverners and match up to the first $250. Knowing our readers, I fully expect them to raise more that $250 in said time. Remember, each dollar you give gets matched dollar for dollar (up to $250 from the community)

Money does not cure cancer but it does help the family with associated costs to treatment.

Cancer has hit the OSR hard recently. Lets do our best to keep it at bay.

Here's the link to Mona's GoFundMe.

edit: Tom Tullis / Fat Dragon Games is adding to the matching fund. The Tavern / Fat Dragon Games will match the first $350 raised by members of this community!


  1. I did $50 last nite when Ryan mentioned it, if that counts

  2. I donated 5 dollars as Diogo Nogueira.

  3. Sent $25 when it opened.
    I'll send more after I check my budget.

  4. Good thing my pension hits in 2 days - i may need to think of something else to keep this going after 250

  5. I am getting a post up now. All my profits from the Green Witch (which features her art) will go in.

  6. Hi Eric, login here says sparc_spread but it's me Noah Green - just donated.

  7. sweet - noted - i think we are at $165

  8. Tom Tullis / Fat Dragon Games is adding to the matching funds. The Tavern / FDG will now match the first $350 donated by the community.

  9. Tell you what Eric/Tom put the Dread Pirate in to match 150 so it is an even 500 from the OSR Community.

    1. reach out to me at tenkars dot tavern at gmail and we'll discuss.

      thank you! :)

  10. I will show up as Oliver Korpilla for 15$ and mentioned you in the comment.

  11. Donated also. Shows up as Patrick Pilgrim.

  12. County me in for 40 from yesterday....

    John M.

  13. Good to see the community pulling together to help. $5 from me, Sean Holland.

  14. My wife and I are down for $100.


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