Wednesday, June 7, 2017

ConManKen - Four Hours of "Uhmmms" and "Uhhhs" for Your Entertainment

Four fucking hours of #ConManKen. Recorded live. If you break the one hour mark you'll wish for death.

Give it a listen for the first 20 minutes. Count the "Uhmmms" and "Uhhhs". Post your total. Or just fucking guess. I'll award a random commenter a prize from The Tavern's prize closet. Not sure what yet. Mostly depends on how horrid the experience is.

Here's the Link

Really should make it a drinking game, but it might kill some folks...


  1. Sorry, I couldn't last two minutes, 7 ahhs's and 4 uhm's in that time. No wonder he's just a bit actor. He even named his own character.

    1. He is not a bit actor he is an extra. That is it. Extras do not count as actors.

  2. I made it 1 min 45 sec.. and could not eh, er take it eh er anymore, er er eh...

  3. Just kill me now... I made it to the 5 minutes mark, and I just want someone to pour bleach into my ears now....

  4. My wife and have a parrot. I am not going to going to play something that repetitive for that long unless I want him to add it to is lexicon.

    So I will have to pass on an actual count and go with "Way to 'lots and lots'".
    Remember, goblin counting: "One, two, many, lots, lots and lots."

  5. I now know what LARPing Call of Cthulhu would be like because I just failed a sanity check watching that. I got to "metric crap-ton" of Uhmmms and "by the gods make it stop" of Uhhhs before my brain shut down.

  6. his mannerisms with picking at his nose, his ears, rubbing his eyes when he is trying to answer questions are very indicative of his lying abilities. This clown is nothing but that, a clown.

  7. The sound is off. I can't hear anything from it.

  8. 400

    I think it is about 1 uh or um every 5 seconds. With some double uh ummm.... So lets say 60/3 = 20 Uh umms a minute so 400 Uh ummss in 20 minutes....

    That doesn't take into account awkward pauses. But I'll stick with my number especially with other 'ya know' filler noises.

  9. Whatever the correct amount is he will deny or promise more uhmmms in the future.

  10. I really like free stuff, but I like my frontal lobe more.

  11. 21 in 5 minutes. Regardless, this wouldn't be interesting unless it had a presenter like that turnarounds video had.

  12. The money has officially arrived in Facebook Live Sales.

  13. For 20 bucks you can ask him a question and get his scribble on his mug picture! Ha!, umm... umm...


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