Thursday, April 6, 2017

Kickstarter Roundup for April 6, 2017 - Heroic Folios Pioneering on Mars Playing in Castles for all Alternity

Sometimes there's just too much going on to highlight Kickstarters in their own posts, so I'm going to highlight a handful this morning in one post. this might become a weekly feature (and I might do something similar with podcasts)

Heroic Fantasy & Barbarian Conquerors Collection - Somehow the latest Kickstarter from Autarch nearly passed me by. Known for quality writing, solid rules and excellent art, heroic and pulp fantasy are both things that interest me dearly. Funded with 13 days to go, I am sorely tempted to back this one. Even if its just to inspire my own future projects.

The Folio #14, 1E/5E Format Adventure Module - Yep, I literally just posted about this but I thought I'd throw a reminder out there as it has 3 days left to fund. Still needs just under 1k to fund and I hope it does. I need some dinosaurs in my SWL campaign ;)

Pioneers of Mars - not an RPG but a card based table top game. Color me intrigued. "You are the Base Commander reporting to a Government or Corporate entity, with the intent of establishing yourself as the most prestigious and powerful faction. Over the course of four Generations, you will gain prestige by celebrating Mars culture, (Tourism and Olympus Mons cards) using your influence and resources to build out your main base, monitor and manipulate the media (Communications Relay), invest in research (Labratories), and train and develop your colonists. In the end, only one individual will be elected as The First President of Mars!

Castles & Crusades Players Handbook #7 - What's that, you say? Another C&C Player's Handbook KS? Aye, but this time there are bargains to be had. A single copy is $15 for print and PDF but $60 covers your group with 5 copies. Although not my system of choice C&C is a very solid option for the OSR gamer, especially one transitioning from 3x or Pathfinder. 6 days to go, just under $3k needed to fund.

Alternity 2017 - A Science Fiction Roleplaying Game - remember Alternity from the days of the TSR implosion? I do. How do I feel about its spiritual return? Surprisingly non-pulsed as there are simply better choices coming up from bigger franchises  - Starfinder (I was going to call it "math in space" but I'll get accused of system bashing ;), the new Star Trek game and we already have more variations of Traveller than any system should have. Oh, and the OSR has White Star and Stars Without Number. So, uhm, yeah. saving my money.


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  2. found this on kickstarter, started today:

  3. Well, you convinced me to back Folio #14. I'm looking forward to it and the hardback copy of Roslof Keep!

  4. I remember Alternity when it was first released, and liked the system. Never was a fan of d20 Modern, and Starfinder seems "Space Fantasy" to me. Backed the new KS, as its basically the same people who designed the original rules for WotC designing the new product.

  5. Alternity is the only one I'm interested in. It's not Traveller (got that), not White Star (got that too) and most all of the other options rolling around have issues (Starfinder....Golarion....IN....SPACE.....sigh).


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