Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Kickstarter - Dice Coins (these are NOT Pencil Dice nor Dice Pencils)

Dice Coins. I'm really not sure what to make of this Kickstarter.

I mean, I have to admit it, the coins look nice. The art is evocative. Everyone likes dice. Lot's of folks like coins. Dice Coins? What's not to like?

I'd say they are cool as a conversation piece and a novelty. As a substitute for dice? Not so sure about that.

How can a spinning coin (that's how it works, it spins on the table like a top) be as random as gaming dice?


So, no statistical testing to prove this statement. Just an assumption. Yeah, not going to be used at my gaming table.

That being said, I like Challenge Coins and these are basically RPG Geekdom Challenge Coins. If you consider Dice Coins to be Challenge Coins, $35 for a set of 6 isn't a bad price at all.


  1. Yeah, saw these yesterday and almost pulled the trigger on 'em. Then I thought about how I'm getting more into Tunnels and Trolls lately. About a dozen D6 dice coins spinning behind my screen? Yeah, right.

    Same thing with Champions. Or Vampire. So no thanks.

  2. I don't like them for their intended purpose, and the "challenge coin" fad is also getting right on my nerves, so I shan't be partaking for either reason. ;-P

  3. Nice.. I definitely like the artwork.

  4. Given how they spin them, as long as the numbers are distributed uniformly on the outside (in arcs of the same width) you should have results that are as or more fair than most dice. It's not a good sign however that they neglected to distribute the numbers evenly across the disc (ex see on the d12 version the 10, 11, 12 are all fairly close together) making it easier for a player determined to cheat to do so (spin slowly or wait for the coin to spin mostly down then snag the "high side" of the die.) I'm going to see if I can get a prototype (barring that pledge at the $35 level) to do some analysis (a chi square should be sufficient as patterning is unlikely) and I'll write about it if I do so. Thanks for posting about this kickstarter and its lack of analysis. Should be a fun project to do. :)

    1. Update! My request for a prototype to do an analysis was turned down on the grounds that all their prototypes were already in the hands of reviewers. They were very polite and pleasant and seemed interested in the analysis though. They also commented on the odd distribution of numbers: They claim it shouldn't impact results if used fairly (They're right. It shouldn't) and that it was done intentionally to make the dice more useful as counters.
      I backed the kickstarter and it funded so when I get them I'll go ahead and do the tests.


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