Sunday, March 20, 2016

Looking at the Sanctum Secorum Podcast (DCC RPG Related)

I've been long overdue in highlighting the various podcasts that I listen to and I do listen to a large number (unlike many other podcasters I know). Part of the reason I listen to so many is was my daily commute. It's a fairly effortless manner to do something game related while doing something that is mostly mindless (driving). Now that I no longer have a daily commute I'll need to a substitute a different mindless activity, but I digress.

One of the recent additions to my podcast list is Sanctum Secorum. It's a DCC RPG related podcast in that the themes that come up are often referred to in DCC RPG terms, but that's just the surface. What Sanctum Secorum truly is is a podcast about gaming related fiction and it just oozes with inspiration.

Your hosts +Bob Brinkman , +Jen Brinkman and +David Baity are knowledgable of their source material and have excellent chemistry amongst the three of them. Favorite episode thus far? Episode #07 – Who Fears the Devil? Manly Wade Wellman's works are the topic of conversation and +Michael Curtis makes an appearance as guest host (I so dearly need to run The Chained Coffin). Seriously, if there is an episode to be a "first time listener" this is the one. All the episodes are good to great but #7 goes to 11 ;)

If I have a quibble, and it's minor, it's that the background / mood music, which is barely perceptible, would give me motion sickness on more than one occasion while driving and listening. As I no longer commute, the quibble is moot... heh


  1. Thanks for the nice words, I'm looking forward to saying hello at NTRPG this year.

    1. I'll be there with my wife Rachel. Should be a fun time as always.

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  3. I can't listen to this podcast because of the background music. It seems like it's right up my alley, but the music just occasionally crops up and surprises me and I can't focus on the conversation. If the crew are reading this, please remove the music and I'll be happy to listen.


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