Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Elevator Pitch - White Star Pocket Settings - Sailing Upon the Sea of Black (Piitch #1)

(I'm going to be doing a series of "elevator pitches" for the White Star Pocket Settings series of posts. Let me know what you think of them.)

Sailing Upon the Sea of Black

In a planetary system of eleven inhabited planets (and an assortment of moons) ships sail the Sea of Black using solar winds. Pirates and privateers, emperors and bandit kings, magic and technology - all vie for supremacy amongst the scattered ruins of the Imperium.

Search for artifacts from the Age of the Imperium, make your fame and fortune under the color of your letter of marquis and perhaps claim a moon of your very own.

Uses both the White Star rules and the Swords & Wizardry White Box rules


  1. Magic in sci fi = not for me, thanks.

  2. Sounds great, and reminds me of 40K. Which I like muchly.

  3. Any/all new material is always worth a look.

    If it turns out in a 40Kesque vein, then I'm definitely interested.

  4. Sounds like L. Neil Smith's "Henry Martyn" without the libertarianism.

  5. Sounds like L. Neil Smith's "Henry Martyn" without the libertarianism.

  6. Nice! I like the letters of marque and space pirates.

  7. Early RPGs and certainly fantasy prior to the 80s mixed sci-fi elements into fantasy all the time. The two were not really "different". In fact, I'd argue that a space wizard with a lightning rifle is every bit as fantasy as any fantasy you care to name. We're certainly not talking hard sci-fi here!

    That being said, the little setting pitch sounds great.


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