Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Gift for All that Enter the OSR Superstar Contest - "Dagger For Kids"

Everyone that submits an entry to the OSR Superstar Competition will get a PDF copy of the soon to be released revised Dagger for Kids, courtesy of +John Adams and Brave Halfling Publishing.

We have over 70 magic items submitted thus far - not bad for just over 48 hours.

We also have additional prizes to announce, ranging from discounts, miniatures, in print RPG products, PDF products and more cash for the prize pool - exciting times will only get more exciting. I'll try to announce the additional prizes daily.

What are you waiting for? Read the rules for the OSR Superstar Competition and enter today!

(I have a friendly wager that we will hit 200 entries - lets see it happen ;)


  1. I freaking LOVE Dagger! I snagged the shortened version at last year's North Texas RPG Con, read it, dug it, and went and bought the full PDF.

    I have a game called Hero Kids too, which is great, but since I'm so familiar with B/X, running games of Dagger for my five-year-old takes zero effort for me.

  2. Can I throw in a couple copies of Hack! Firearms! in PRINT into the prize pool?


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