Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Beta Beta! "Shroud of the Avatar" and "Wasteland 2" Release to Kickstarter Backers in Beta - So Long as You Are A Windows User

Got emails for both Shroud of the Avatar and Wasteland 2 touting the release of both in beta format to backers of their respective Kickstarters.

Both games are being developed for Windows, OSX and Linux.

Both games are releasing their initial Betas in Windows only.

I could install them on the Win7 side of my Mac, but I supported them to play in native OSX, so I guess I'll wait.

Waiting is the name of the Kickstarter game...


  1. As some of the biggest gaming projects on the KS platform, it's good to see them make significant progress.

  2. This is exciting news. I didn't back either but am patiently waiting to buy retail...I played Wasteland when it was new, that game permanently affected me. To this day I still describe the occasional fireball/machine gun/laser death as "He exploded like a blood sausage."


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