Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Family / Friends Went to Gen Con, and All i Got Was a Lousy...

Some of you went to Gen Con this year. Hope you had a blast.

Most of us didnt get to attend.

For those that did, what items did you pick up for friends and family.

For those that didn't get to attend, what exclusives do you wish you had a chance to get.

For me, it was Gaming in the 'Verse for the new Firefly game, but I can grab that for 10 bucks in PDF on RPGNow if I decide I really want it.

The DnD Next exclusive would have been nice, but as I have less desire to even catch up on reading about the updates (let alone download the actual updates and no desire to play) that's a loss that I can easily suffer through ;)


  1. I would have wanted DCC 79.5 Tower of the Black Pearl. Hopefully they'll sell pdf version in the future.

  2. I went to Hobbiton instead. It's twenty minutes away.

  3. A friend of mine snagged a copy of DCC 79.5 and the Goodman Games Annual program/yearbook/thing.


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