Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mini Review - The Imperishable Sorceress - (Free RPG Day DCC Release)

I enjoy the DCC RPG releases in general. They are usually well written with twists one doesn't get in a standard OSR styled adventure. The Imperishable Sorceress, the first half of the Goodman Games Free RPG 2013 release is a fine example of this.

+Daniel Bishop manages to put a full adventure's worth of gaming into six pages of text, a full page piece of art and a full page map. If you've never before come across a DCC RPG map from Goodman Games, the included map is a fine example. I've said it before many a time, I'd love to see the DCC RPG Adventure Maps released as prints for framing. They really are that good.

At six pages, there isn't much I can say about the adventure without giving much away. Like most DCC RPG adventures, it's not a typical dungeon crawl - it's much more swords & sorcery than that.

I'm looking forward to running it. The Imperishable Sorceress should work fine in a three hour hangout slot, which after bullshitting is the average amount of play time my groups seem to get in. Hey, Goodman even has some pregens ready for download!


  1. Yeah, this was pretty sweet. I played it on Free RPG Day, and we did it in ~4 hours, but we had 8 players, of which ½ were unfamiliar with RPGs and ¾ of the remainder were new to the DCC system(including me); we likely slowed the pace by 30% or more... Also, we didn't *exactly* meet the modules assumed expectations as to outcome, but we still had a blast.

    I'd play DCC again(but not GM it! I need to play more! :-)), given a choice and a chance. Especially if it's one of the excellent modules Harley Stroh or Michael Curtis have produced recently. Regardless of author, *all* DCC adventures are imaginative and fun, and fairly easy to adapt to OSR systems. I love 'em!

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