Sunday, June 16, 2013

Even RPGNow Recognizes the Death of Free RPG Day 2013 PDFs

How do I know they recognize it? They sent out an email titled "Hundreds of FREE RPG Quickstarts, Maps, Adventures & more!". Many of the items linked? You guessed it - they are from previous years' Free RPG Day promotions.

I'm not complaining about the links. Free is free. I'm just surprised how little attention was paid to the PDF side of Free RPG Day this year, especially for the gamers outside the states.

Some of the grouped links sent by RPGNow:




The above links are free all of the time, not just for Free RPG Day.


  1. most major cities in Oz had at least one store doing Free RPG Day. And there were a bunch in the UK.

  2. I have to agree, there really wasn't much out there. Now the print stuff this year was very impressive.

  3. I went to my FLGS last yr on free RPG day, I had never been to one. They were only giving stuff to GMs that ran games that day. No sales, nothing.

  4. Yeh, this year feels a little off. Part of it is possibly a percieved lack of enthusiasm among the OSR crowd on the blogs and forums (an effect of Google+?), even though there was a number of OSR related offerings in print this year. There really hasn't been that many talking about the products before the event or now. Usually Free RPG Day feels like Christmas in June.

    There is one exception, there has been some anticipation and discussion about the DT&T Preview among the T&T crowd.

    1. Yes, but unfortunately the couple of reviews I've seen don't seem to be blown away by the dT&T offering. Shame. At a time like this they really should have pulled out all the stops to make it extra special. I'm only going on a couple of reviews though. Have only seen photo's of the (half-finished)cover on the net so far.

  5. Yeah I admit to wanting to run the Vault of the Dracolich with D&D Next but even though our FLGS was supposed to be a 'participating game store' they weren't.. I had hope for these guys but it looks like its going to be just another place to play MtG.


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