Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rock You Like a Hurricane!

Yep, shortly after the east coast of the US got shaken by what our west coast brethren would consider a "very mild quake" we are now bracing for a fairly major hurricane. The one blessing is that it is going to hit over the weekend, which means I'll be off the roads and at home, ready to deal with any flooding.

I figure if we lose power, I might actually be able to get my son to play a pen and paper rpg session. Not that I'm hoping for a blackout or anything, but I do have my hand cranked flashlight / radio all ready to go. My mother is actually talking about buying a generator, so yes, the fear mongers are doing a great job on TV.


  1. Good luck! You never know you might even have those new Castles & Crusades books before the hurricane hits... that'll be something to try out with your son.

  2. I just moved to PA from the west coast, and am wondering what the weekend will bring. People actually fled the building during the earthquake, which as you say, felt pretty mild by California standards.

    It's always the apocalypse somewhere!


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