Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Building a Better Bard - A Bard Gotta Have Skills - Part V (Swords & Wizardry)

Yes, our bard needs some skills to go along with his non-offensive song list.  Originally, I wanted to use the Charisma Score's determination of the number of henchmen / followers to directly correspond to the number of uses of his various skills / powers, but that strays a bit far from S&W's way of doing things.

Lets see:  From the thief, we will give him Hear Noise, Read Languages and Delicate Tasks (Pick Pocket Only) as a thief of equal level.

From the Fighter: Bard Sub-Class in NOD Issue #1 (it's an awesome publication and the first issue is free, so grab a copy for yourself) we are going to borrow Inspiration, Legend Lore, Fascinate and Heroism.  Really, why reinvent the wheel when the wheel is pretty damn good?

Weapons:  All but two-handed melee
Armor:  Chain Mail, Ring Mail, Leather (no shield)
Attack: As Cleric
Save: As Thief

Next up - the experience table

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  1. I was wondering about Bards having a disguise skill for travelling incognito after a bad gig or to avoid the authorities/fathers of groupies they've got pregnant(!) but due to their whole schtick being about having presence and recognition maybe they have to roll OVER their CHA on d20 to succeed.


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