Thursday, April 21, 2011

When Did Our Hobby Become Controlled By a Bunch of Elitist Pigs?

Alright, maybe "Controlled" is too strong a word.  Still, when did we decide that to be part of the "in crowd" we had to conform to a bunch of rules that aren't written in stone (or really, written anywhere), but are subject to the whims of whoever is enforcing said rules.

Case in point #1:  RPG Bloggers Network - If a blog from a company that writes adventures and Fantasy Grounds 2 modules isn't RPG enough, then what is?  What is with the elitism?  Besides, 95% of the blogs there I've never even heard off.  So, if you don't qualify to be a member of the network, is it really a strike against you or a point in your favor?

Case in point #2:  RPG.net - It's a place I never post at, and rarely visit.  The number of self designated authorities on any subject I find annoying, and in general they don't seem to be very receptive to new posters.  The permaban (nice word) of Greg Christopher is interesting, as it seems to be more of a reaction to his stated purpose of creating controversy to generate traffic for his blog then the actual post.  His blog generates no income, his games are released for free - where is the commercial aspect he was banned for?

Another day, another reviewer or moderator, either of these would have passed inspection, yet we allow people with their own biases and agendas one crapload of control over this hobby.

Or do we?  I never tried to join the RPG Bloggers Network.  I always figured I'd never make the cut, not because my blog isnt decent (I hope it is) but because I refuse to conform to some arbitrary and indistinct set of rules just to be part of the club.  Screw that shit!  I've got my own club - just look at my blogroll on the left.

As for RPG.net?  I never liked those forums for the reason I stated above.  I'd get myself permabanned too just to make a point, but I'd have to sign up for an account first and what's the point in that? ;)


  1. I've never joined RPG.net, because I'm very picky about which forums I'll participate in. I am a member of RPG Bloggers, but they've never asked me to conform to anything or follow any rules. That I know of. I could be breaking rules left and right. :)

  2. My kitty post would be a no-no, as it isnt game related, and I'm not going to wall of the 15% of my blog that isnt game related and just feed them "purer" RPG feeds.

    If White Haired Man can't make the cut, this Tavern wouldn't make it either.

    Besides, I've seen complaints that it takes months for them to review a site... that is beyond ridiculous.

  3. Rofl. Righteous rage powers ACTIVATE!

    Thanks for the solidarity, brother.

  4. Forgot to mention, I made the exact same post on ENworld. A few responses, some actually positive and in agreement with my post, also a few detractors but even they are pretty tame.

    No moderator presence, no freak out. Same post.


  5. ENWorld used to be my online home. I'm still a community supporter there.

  6. Even if I can barely stand their web design, I have to give ENworld props in a lot of respects.

    XP is one such thing. That is a really cool idea.

  7. LOL Elitist Pigs! I'm not sure if I have an account at RPG.Net or not, but if I did I would want the badge of honor of being banned. I tried to get on that blogger thing, and decided it wasn't worth the effort. I like the anarchy of the blogging world, and by anarchy I mean no rules.

  8. Is there another definition of Anarchy, Zanazaz? ;)

  9. My hobby isn't controlled by idiots on the Internet... and neither is yours. :D

  10. Greg many people think anarchy is the same as chaos. Then again sometimes I like how chaotic the blogging world can become...

  11. ah, see I am too much of a poli-sci nerd to think of it as anything other than absence of law

  12. history BA here. poli-sci was my minor. it's why i'm all screwed up ;)

  13. Can I be an elitist, pig (=Ricardian), role-player and still stay out of the RPGBN?

    I'm on the internet but I'm not an idiot, so sadly this would seem to not give me the power I seek. I don't see the upside.

    Please advise.

  14. Full agreement for rpg.net. A few nice people awash in a sea of know-it-alls and trolls. I was getting back into rpgs and found it, then almost gave them up again until I stumbled on the OSR. At least with the OSR, you can read people with half a brain pontificate on our beloved hobby and actually add to the corpus (i.e. give us new stuff to buy or download free)!!

  15. I like the blogging scene. Lots of interesting people creating useful content.

  16. For the record, any cat worth blogging about is Old School in my book, and if a forum can't hack it, I'd do what a cat would do -- just walk away from the tedium of it. The cat says f*** it.

    As for anarchy in this section of the blogosphere, it exists in the sense that most folks blogging and commenting have developed for themselves norms (aka rules) of interaction. Mostly it ends up being civil. And when folks diverge from decorum, they know it, and maybe others crap on them or laud them in the comments or other posts. Or they lay off reading the blog for a while. And so the blogs respond to that. Though it's not "-archy" in a top down sense, there isn't a complete vacuum of "social contract" or "ethical transactions" happening. So in that sense I see the OSR blogs as anarchic without being purposefully chaotic or disruptive or anti-coherent for its own sake.

  17. Meh. I went and checked out the thread, and Greg got exactly what he deserved. He logged onto the forums, deliberately acted like a jerk to get attention, got called on it, continued to act like a jerk, and got permabanned for it.

    He wasn't contributing anything of value there, so no great loss.


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