Thursday, January 26, 2023

Deal of the Day - Cepheus Deluxe Enhanced Edition (OGL Traveller)

Are you fond of the Traveller RPG? Warm memories of dying during character generation 40+ years ago? Interested in seeing what the core rules can become when given to the gaming community under an SRD and an OGL? Cepheus Deluxe Enhanced Edition is what you are looking for.

Normally 9.99 in PDF, until tomorrow morning @ 11 AM Eastern, Cepheus Deluxe Enhanced Edition is on sale in PDF for 4 bucks.

Starships riding fire across the sky. Heroes and villains exchanging laser fire. Desperate spacers struggling against an alien monstrosity. Vast planetary vistas, flying cities, moonscapes, mad robots, and first encounters. In short: high-action science-fiction adventure that stimulates your sense of wonder. Cepheus Deluxe: Enhanced Edition puts you in the shoes of an adventurer visiting distant stars and encountering the unknown. Whether you are a seasoned player looking for a rules-light game, or a new gamer wanting to experience what science-fiction role-playing games are all about, Cepheus Deluxe: Enhanced Edition opens your way forward.

Cepheus Deluxe is a set of rules for playing classic science fiction games. It includes rules on creating characters, resolving actions, fighting other creatures, and engaging in space battles, generating worlds, handling the risks of interstellar speculative trading, exploring new worlds, and many other activities. While designed for fast, action-packed play rather than an accurate simulation of reality, Cepheus Deluxe: Enhanced Edition encompasses a wide variety of rules and materials for building a science-fiction universe and playing in it.

Cepheus Deluxe: Enhanced Edition draws its inspiration from old-school science-fiction roleplaying games. It shares many similarities with these games. Material from older rules sets and those created with Cepheus Deluxe: Enhanced Edition, the old Cepheus Light, the Cepheus Engine Core, and old-school sci-fi roleplaying games, are easily compatible with only a moderate amount of adjustment.

The future awaits!

What's new in the Enhanced Edition compared to the original Cepheus Deluxe?

  • New and better layout.
  • Full color book.
  • Rules clarifications.
  • Correction of all Cepheus Deluxe errata.
  • Many more, high-quality, full color illustrations.
  • Deck plans for all thirteen included star ships!
  • And more!

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