Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Kickstarter - A Growing Menace - a Mork Borg Adventure in Hardcover

Evocative custom artwork accompanies a challenging adventure for daring characters. Art by Waclaw Traier, maps by Monkey Blood Design.

Alright, here's the part you all are waiting for, where I detail my connections to the project creator. I've known Thom Wilson for a number of years. I've been invited as a special guest to his Shire Con every year he's had it. Thom donates his time to NTRPG projects every year. He's simply a great guy.

This time around, Thom has a Kickstarter for the Mork Borg RPG - A Growing Menace. Judging from the work Thom has produced in the past, this is a simple no-brainer for me to back. The question becomes PDF at 3 bucks, or print plus PDF at 8 bucks plus POD costs plus shipping. Being that it's from Thom, I'm in for print plus PDF.

Project Goal: A 24-page, 6x9 hardcover in full color. Delivered by DriveThruRPG via print-on-demand. All content for the book is ready for layout and should be print-tested in June. Print-on-demand copies should be ready in July.

Did I mention Glynn Seal did the maps?

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