Saturday, January 2, 2021

OSR Christmas - Day 7 - Bundles of Gaming Goodness

TableTop Adventures was kind enough to donate some PDF bundles of their releases for OSR Christmas Day 7. I doubt I'll wrap this up by January 6th, but that's OK. More Christmas is always more better ;)

We have 2 bundles of the Fantasy Cities Collection, a 28.70 value. From Shards of the City: People are the life of every city. How do you quickly populate a fantasy game city with interesting characters? Shards of the City answers that question!  With 25 full encounters and events (including plot hooks to draw the adventurers in for future interaction), and another 50 colorful descriptions, there are more than enough people here to enliven a world for a long time. 

We also have 2 copies of Into the Future Bundle a 15.90 value. Solid material for the sci-fi GM that likes to run a more improv style campaign. Or one that likes help in their pre-planning.

Last, we have 2 Bits of the Wilderness Quartet, (a 35.50 value) a collection of 4 system-neutral resources for the harried GM. Seriously, if you run a sandbox in a fantasy setting, this is probably a must-have in your GM's toolbox.

So, this means we have 6 gifts in the gift pool for Day 7 of OSR Christmas. How do you put yourself in the running for one of these Christmas Gifts? Simply comment below with the name of your favorite PC, and a single sentence describing them.

Yep, that's all you need to do. Comments must be made by January 4th, 2021 Noon Eastern time to be considered for the randomly awarded gifting.

A huge thanks to all of the readers, listeners, and viewers. May you all have a blessed 2021.

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  1. I'd say my son's mage apprentice from our Beyond the Wall campaign. As he explored his fey heritage, I allowed him to re-spec into an elven archer, infusing his arrows with magical effects. It's all he wants to play now!

  2. My 10th level AD&D fighter. Arak is a man-wolf warrior who wields a crystal bastard sword he took in the battle of Worchenstainach.

  3. Basayant Hrprskl, my fat whiny 3e necromancer who wouldn't animate zombies because they smelled bad.

  4. Baron Sir Eric Greystone: 1st ed AD&D 15th level albino Cavalier Paladin of Forseti, mounted on his winged horse!

  5. Nadir, a rogue sorcerer who enjoys blasting things by surprise for sneak attacks.

  6. Nubby Apple bottom, Halftime Bard who gouged out here own eye during a performance to satisfy a fell artifact, The Clock of Skellos. The Clock promised her power and fame, and it delivered.

  7. Connwulf, son of Simonton. Agent of the god Dorion, whose cause is Justice.

  8. Apote Ling was a 12th level cleric I had as a teen, who I recently brought back as a NPC in a home brew campaign that I developed for my kids.

  9. Briabella Nightwing, a half-elf wizard/thief, a rising power in Baldur's Gate.

  10. Kruven Talandro
    Paladin of Beauty that I modeled as a good version of Gaston from Beauty and the beast.

  11. We had a character - a half-elven thief. Mik Surefoot. Only problem was that, no matter who played the character, he'd fail any climb walls roll that was asked of him. The player who originally named him didn't mean for the appellation to have such a negative effect on the thief's career as a climber, but it was funny as heck when no one could get him to climb a wall.

  12. Last year it was Radiant Tomas: a BH cleric, who through a number of mishaps, now has frog-like eyes and speaks in reverse. But he can turn undead like nobody's business...

  13. Yet another great day. Thanks for doing this.


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