Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Wayward Kickstarter - Myth & Magic Player's Guide - Would You Consider This the Offer of a Bribe?

Quick background to catch folks up. Myth & Magic was a very well-received clone of AD&D 2e, at least based on the initial reception the M&M Starter Guide received.

A Player's Guide and a GM's Guide were Kickstartered. Then the problems started. Backers had photos of boxes of M&M Player's Guides filling Tom's living room, and statements that they were shipped, but that wasn't the case.

I've posted about Myth & Magic numerous times. It hasn't posted an update since March of 2016 (and you thought Gareth was bad) At one point, Tom WAS actually shipping books. He was kind enough to share my full legal name and shipping info as a comment on the Myth & Magic Kickstarter (note my sarcasm) and I was forced to contact Kickstarter to have it removed. So yes, Tom has a special place in the Tenkar's Tavern Hall of Shame.

Now, folks are still commenting about the lack of actual receiving what they paid for in the comments section on the M&M Kickstarter:

Imagine that. A day AFTER I comment that I need to post an update on the Myth & Magic Player's Guide, Tom does what pretty much EVERY lawyer does (I did mention that Tom is an Attorney, right?) to make a problem go away - he offers something of perceived value.

First, he pretends not to recall sending my initial copy. Sent to appease me and silence me, as many others years later still haven't received theirs.

Then he offers me multiple copies of the DOZEN OR SO CASES OF EXTRA BOOKS he still has. Books that belong to the other backers. They don't belong to me. They don't belong to Tom. They belong to the backers

Tom, you want me to go away? You want closure? Make your backers whole. Yes, the suckers that believed in you and trusted in you, much like your clients. I certainly hope you don't treat your clients at your day job as shitty as you have treated your backers.

Quoting myself from 2015:

"I may have been unfair with Gareth, as Tom is possibly the most distasteful project creator I've dealt with on Kickstarter. He must be a hoot to have as a lawyer: "No worries Mr. Smith, I've told the IRS we'll be ready for your Audit on Tuesday. Now excuse me, I'll be out of the state for the next 13 months. Don't worry, I'll email."


  1. Take him up on it, why not. Dollars to donuts he has no clue who he owes books to, maybe you and I could jointly make sure a few of the interested backers actually get their books after all these years. God knows NTRPG con won't be getting back all the "extras" we paid for when we backed the $500 level of this disaster...

  2. I remember when I discovered they were being sold on Amazon before the backers even had them. One of the best spells I have ever come up with got published in that book(Gulls Stone storm) . I regret whole heartedly the day I showed this to my gaming group and we pooled our cash to get a group picture and books.

  3. Too bad,by all accounts it sounds like it really had potential. So only half of the game was ever released?

    1. I did get the players guide, but I never got anything from the GM campaign

  4. Go ahead, you'll be better off than me on the deal. SOB never sent me my books at all. Only received the PDFs, and he had one of the first of those password protected.

  5. Gosh, I got one shipped here to New Zealand second hand in August 2018..... I innocently asked if the seller had the GM Guide - he said "not yet" with a grump.

  6. I actually received my Player's Guides, but never got the DM Book (other than an incomplete PDF).

  7. I guess there is a GM's Guide floating around with no art and Player's Arcane book with new races and classes?

  8. This one if the first kickstarters that I backed which I wrote off as a loss years ago. Every time he said he would make good with a refund or shipment I naively reached out but eventually found the Tavern and found out just how much smoke he was blowing.
    Such a shame since it really did have a great look and feel. It could have been one of the better clones out there...


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