Saturday, December 23, 2017

Frog God Games - Holiday Freebies - Day 10 - Tour de Northlands PDF Bundle - Another Must Have!

Two bundles in two days - what are the Frogs thinking off?

The Tour de Northlands PDF Bundle ($14 value) is the latest Frog God Holiday freebie.

What's included?

  • the Northlands Map
  • the Players Guide to the Northlands.
  • Tales of the Lost Lands: Northland Short Stories
Now, if you also grabbed yesterday's Tour de Sinnar Coast Bundle (still available as I type this and a $25 value)) you would have 5 Lost Lands Player's Guides, 2 regional maps and some Lost Lands fiction.

You could treat this as a free introduction to the Lost Lands setting. I know that's how I see it :)

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