Saturday, November 5, 2016

Kickstarter Roundup - Degenerate Adventurers! with Unfathonable Swords & Swordsmen embark on an Astonishing Tiny Epic Quest

One of the first things I said when I retired was "I need to back less Kickstarters!"

That comment was answered by Rachel, my wife, wth "Who the hell are you trying to convince? It better not be me because you are full of shit!" Did I mention today is out 5th wedding anniversary? Heh!

So, time to run down some amazing Kickstarters that I'm currently backing. Some of them are ending soon, so if you find them interesting don't wait too long.

Tiny Epic Quest - Introducing ITEMeeples - "A 45 minute sandbox adventure for 1-4 players w/ limited action selection, grid movement, press-your-luck & Item-Holding Meeples!" $24 is the sweet spot to support at. Excellent price for a sweet looking boardgame.

Adventurers! Revised Print Edition -"What is Adventurers? It is a traditional, old school RPG,with strong roots in Fighting Fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons, Savage Worlds and a bit of FATE." I like the Adventurers! system A LOT. Easy to pick up and easy to run, which at my age (knocking on 50 soon) ease of use is key to my gaming. Light enough to run comfortably in a convention setting yet deep enough to use with campaign play. I have a copy of the KS revised Print rules for review purposes, and although I haven't yet read through it all, I can say it is extremely well done. The revised print edition is kinda like GURPS without the complexity but with all of the world and setting options. It really is a system that covers it all. You can download a PDF of the core Revised Adventurers! rules for free here. The KS includes five settings. $34 is probably the best buy in level for the amount of material you get.

Dungeon Degenerates - Hand of Doom Fantasy Board Game - "Dark Fantasy Board Game with a classic RPG feel. Wandering outcasts look for trouble in the grim, monster-infested Würstreich! Blending a Dark & Dirty Old School role playing game aesthetic with an easy to learn, fast-moving & engaging board game system, Dungeon Degenerates delivers the dark fantasy adventure you want, when you want it." I'm so in at $55.

Swords & Wizardry Complete 3rd Printing - Dude! It's fucking Swords & Wizardry! Anyhow, either go small or go big, there really is no middle ground. Go in for a buck and get the new printing plus an adventure or two in PDF. Really, how can you go wrong? OR drop $225 for the Complete Gamers level (should be Complete Adventurer if you ask me) and get more Swords & Wizardry than you can shake a stick at. Seriously, the value is easily over $400 and growing. I have much of it and yet I think I'm going to up my pledge to $225. The Horror! heh

Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea 2E - "The heroes of an AS&SH game delve dungeons filled with horrifying monsters, lethal traps, and bewildering puzzles; they explore savage wilderness frontiers and hostile borderlands; they probe ancient ruins and investigate cursed tombs; they match steel against sorcery and sorcery against steel; and they plunder for gold, gems, and magical treasure." I have the 1st edition, and it is GOOD. 2nd edition looks simply amazing. So yes, I'm in. BTW, grab some adventures while you are at it. Also damn good.

Operation Unfathomable - "A party of experienced adventurers led by the stalwart Prince Eyraen have stolen an artifact from Syantides, Sorcerer-King of Mur, and entered the Underworld on a mission of vengeance. That brave band is lost and presumed dead. Perhaps a smaller, stealthier party can succeed where mighty heroes failed? You’d better hope so... From the author of The Dungeon Dozen! A weird underworld adventure and campaign setting for Swords & Wizardry and other old school rpgs" $40 is the sweet spot if you want it in print.


  1. Looks like the S&W Kickstarter will include a copy of the Black Monastery for everyone, apparently even the $1 pledgers. That's really tempting, even if I don't actually need a new version of S&W (I have a nice hardback of S&W 2nd edition, I'd use that if I ran it).

  2. Jumped on both S&W and Adventurers. Like you, I hit 50 and want simpler, quicker games. I hate spending time at table looking up rules. Adventurers is fairly robust even for its simplicity. Also, easy to adapt.


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