Saturday, November 26, 2016

Echelon Frogs get into Mischief Sales

This is probably the best weekend for sales in this hobby of ours. Here are some more:

The holiday season is upon us and that means it is time for holidays sales from Mischief Inc! From Friday, November 25 at 12:00 am until Tuesday, November 29 at 12:00am customers will receive 30% off store-wide!

All This and the Kitchen Sink

As an even more special special, those who buy at least one (1) of each of our products (a bundle will be required) will enjoy a whopping 50% off their entire cart! Use coupon code: kitchen sink.

Expires in 2 days - Happy Holidays from the staff at Mischief, Inc.


Black Frogday Grab Bags!!

Bill Webb has decreed that henceforth Black Friday be known as Black Frogday!! To celebrate until Tuesday there is a $15 discount on Out of Print Grab Bags ordered through the Frog God Games Webstore.

Bill has assured me that they are topped off with never to be reprinted products from days of yore. Grab bags consist of either 8 softcovers and 2 hardcovers, 10 softcovers and 1 hardcover or 12 softcovers. These are the last bits of the Necromancer Games stock from the old Days of Swords and Sorcery Studios, and are being offered to you for the last time.

What is in them exactly? He doesn't even remember for certain.

Only way to find out just how good they are is to get one. To get one, with the discount, just head right here and use the coupon code BlackNecromancer2016.

Don't trust Bill's Grab Bags?

You can still save to the Frog God Games website and enjoy 25% of everything* else we sell in celebration of his modesty and humility! Pick your stuff and use the coupon code Modest2016 at checkout!


*except aforementioned grab bag and Sword of Air.


Echelon Game Design - James Spahn (Barrel Rider Games, publisher of White Star and of Labyrinth Lord supplements) had an unfortunate interaction with a kamikaze bambi. He and his family are fine, nobody in the car was injured, but they’re looking at a big repair bill.

I was already planning to run a sale this weekend, but it’s changed a bit. From now through Cyber Monday, all Echelon Game Design products — Polyhedral Pantheons, Draconic Bloodlines, and the entire Echelon Reference Series — are on sale at a 20% discount. Half my proceeds will go to James to get the bambi-shaped dents and other damage to his car fixed.

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