Monday, July 25, 2016

Ken Whitman Feels the Need to Zing the Blackburns's Deceased Daughter (Edited w/ Update From Ken's Feed for Context)

Ken is, if nothing else, consistent. He's referenced the Blackburn's deceased daughter in the past (never in a nice manner) and has decided to do so yet again in an effort to defend a Facebook account that a third party assumed was yet another Whit / Ken Facebook account (I can easily identify 3 but I haven't dug deep). I do NOT know if the account in question was / is an account created by Ken Whitman. We'll give the benefit of the doubt, as there is a large amount of doubt without evidence proving otherwise.

Why Ken felt the need to bring up the Blackburn's deceased daughter can only be answered by Ken himself.

(Where did someone say someone impregnated Ken's daughter?)

(Is this Ken's daughter?  If so, as a Harvard grad she should spend some time editing Ken's posts)

edit: I thank Jolly for forwarding me the following to put things in context. It's NEVER right to include a man's family in stuff there weren't and aren't a part of.

I cropped out the pic of Ken holding / hugging his daughter. Ken is a lot of things, but his family does not deserve this shit and Ryan Pitts is out of place with this. Not saying Ken's update on Kickstarter was right, nor was he right to accuse Jolly, but as a parent I can see where Ken is coming from.


  1. Don't know if it was Whitman but they were trying to run a scam ia F Messenger and email.

    1. Listed a Columbus Ohio Address but with a Brooklyn Telephone number to talk too.

    2. To be fair, I've had a Northeastern PA number for 14 years and only lived in NEPA for three of those (and not the first three--I wanted a local number for my friends and family back home to call when I was in the Army).

      That doesn't mean this wasn't a scam, that's just not strong evidence.

  2. I'm terribly Confused here.

    What does the facebook account have to do with any of this? Who threatened who through facebook? When did Jolly say any of these comments (I don't believe he would for a second), is Ryan Pitts the fake account?

    All in all this is a clusterfuck of a mess and The Whitmanning only continues to create mysteries wrapped in puzzles surrounded by bewilderment.

  3. Am I supposed to know any of the names in here? (full disclosure - I do not know any of them).

    1. @Todor: You've never heard of Ken Whitman? Wowsers. (This is how Kenny keeps finding new marks, I assume.)

      Do yourself a favor, go here: http://notanotherdime.blogspot.com/

      Read, research, check out Google, then stop back and join the discussion.

    2. Oh, my... With all due respect to the authors in the RPG community who are nice people and are doing their god-honest best to deliver... I'm never touching a tabletop kickstarter project with a ten-foot pole on principle. I stick to stuff I can preview a final version of and then buy.

      That sort of explains why the name doesn't ring a bell, I suppose.

  4. I guess some of us (including me) could use a little backstory. Whatever is going on sounds egregious to me. I would label it cyber-bullying, a term usually associated with teenagers, but which perfectly suits adult trolls as well. I hope the source of this nastiness will find peace enough to let the public forum serve the public good.

    1. Tons of backstory here: http://notanotherdime.blogspot.com/

  5. Found more info here (COPIED FROM JOLLY):

    Jolly BlackburnJuly 25, 2016 at 1:27 PM
    In answer to this clearly fake account. I wanted to clarify.

    Over the weekend one of the Actors on KODTLAS contacted me asking me if I knew this person. I said no. And while we were chatting I received a friend request from her. So did my wife. Within a few hours of checking with others on the project everyone had received a request from her.

    Given Ken's erratic behavior the last few days blockig the last few people still talking to him who were invovled with KODTLAS some of us wondered if it might be Ken. Afterall, back in his "Ken sues RPGNET" days it was known he created a few sock puppet accounts. There's history there.

    Speculation would have ended there for me.

    But a few hours "she" starts chatting me up on Facebook. "Oh, you made a movie? Tell me about that." "I'm 28 and work with abandoned babies but I'm single and have no kids". (lol)

    Fake account. no doubt.

    About that moment two other people from the KODTLAS project message me to say, "Hey, that Stacy girl is chatting with me...?"

    So hello. Our spidey senses are going off.

    Now there's a good chance it's just a coincidence - a random troll/spammer who found their way to the same friends list and happened to cherry pick a group of people who had something in common. KODTLAS. Or - it *might* be Ken.

    Not a crime to openly speculate. And let's be honest. In the bizzaro world of Ken Whitman nothing surprises me at this point.

    1. "I'm 28" but account says "Born on 21 September 1956" ... :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. deleted my comments. I see someone pasted my comments at NAD. was more of the same.

  8. I'll lad that I don't know the guy (Pitts) in the screen capture. He tagged Luke Gygax and Myself pointing out the fake account was Ken (which I'm still not sure is the case). He said some crap about ken's daughter - my reply was Ken's kids are great people (which they are). I promptly untagged myself and moved on with my day.

    Ken has every right to be pissed but he needs to talk with the OP.

  9. Just a thought but it is possible that Ken's posting of these bizarre slanders on the Facebook project site might open some legal doors? Surely Facebook would have to be frowning on this being posted on their platform and since these are official project announcements it seems like they'd be good fodder for both the breach of contract and libel cases.

    And speaking of Kickstarter, they have a serial platform abuser here with multiple failed campaigns, how can they be talking about protecting the legitimacy of their platform and not have gotten involved in this yet? At the very least they could offer research/access to site records and legal assistance.

    1. because it's kickstarter. You invested in an idea and not a product. That's how they get around the Buyer/Seller mentality thereby KS is not a shop therefore you can't sue them cause you didn't get an item.

  10. Just an update. I've talked to Ken. I've written it off as a father who's kid was attacked lashign out and misdirecting his anger. It happens. For the record I dropped out of that converstation after posting and untaggng myself. Later I looked in and see that Ken posted and the guy called him a pedophole and posted a pic or Ken and his daughter.(this was apparently a few hours after the screen capture). NOT COOL, I was prompted to post again saying so. Anyway, I'm okay wth a dad going Papa Bear for his kid. Unfortunate it ended up a kickstarter update. But I'm givign Ken a pass on this one. And I'm obviosly pissed at Ken for a lot of reasons. Not so much for this one.

    Had I seen the pedophile comment and picture a few hours ago I would have said the above much sooner. Not sure if it had been posted at the time of Ken's KS update though.


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