Friday, May 6, 2016

Uncle - This is Where You Played Dungeons & Dragons When You Were a Kid!

Yesterday afternoon I got some surprise news - my niece was going to stay the night. Shannon is five, and Fridays are "Uncle & Pinky Day" now that I'm retired, as she has swimming lessons (and even before she started swimming lessons, we still made a date for breakfast). So staying on a Thursday night wasn't much of a stretch.

So, last night, as I was doing some wash, Pinky followed me into the basement. After trying to scare me (and me playing along) she stated quite simply "Uncle - This is where you played Dungeons & Dragons when you were a kid." Which was true, I had. Same two family home, now shared by my wife, my son and I with my parents as they and their kids shared it with my grandmother when I was growing up.

I was caught off guard by the comment though, as I had never told her that in junior high, high school and even the early college years, we played in the basement which my senile cat, who at the time treated it like a giant litter box. Not that I blamed Misty. Back when we had oil for heat there was sand all by the oil tank. Where was the gaming table? By the oil tank.

"When I get older, uncle, can you teach me to play Dungeons & Dragons?" Simply music to a gamer's ears. Little does she know that the session of No Thank You Evil! that we played the other week was her introduction to roleplaying. She wanted to be a "ninja with a sword!" so she could stab things, which led to a surprise for me when she decided to sneak each time combat was possible. But I digress.

Retirement is a wonderful thing, even if I'm not seeing all of the free time I had expected. Responsibilities creep up and surprise you out of no where but some of the responsibilities are just full of awesome.

Still, when I put Pinkie to bed last night, with the Amazon Echo to keep her company and answer her questions in the middle of the night, she spoke some simple words of wisdom.

"Uncle, I'm glad you're for real retired now."

I laughed, gently, and asked her why that was.

She sat up in bed, outlined slightly by the glow from the night light and said:

"You!" and pointed a finger at me.

"Me!" and now pointed a finger at herself.

Oh, and she smiled a smile of pure joy before laying back down for sleep.


  1. Spirited kid! I'm sure you will both enjoy her education in the finer things in life.

  2. that's the stuff right there!

  3. Aw man, just WOW! Erik, the future looks just a little brighter now. Thanks for sharing that.

  4. You're the best uncle ever! Thanks, Erik!

  5. Love this story! So glad you played No Thank You, Evil! together.

  6. Erik, you should try DungeonTeller. I really liked the heavy graphics and easy rules. Uses a lot of D6's and I could not help but to think that it would be a great game for kids.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Christopher. Erik I can send you a comp copy of Dungeonteller if you like.

  7. Sidekick Quests is good, although she looks the right age for Quest! Which is also neat. Sidekick Quests has its own webcomic that is good for story time.

  8. Hero Kids is GREAT as well. I've been using it with my son since he was 4. Now he's about to turn 7 and his sister is about to be 5... Kaylee is still in Hero Kids territory, but Zane has had his first taste of BECMI D&D now, so...

  9. That's bloody adorable Tenk. Would love to see a Uncle and Pinky campaign write up

  10. Lucky! Savor the time. Eventually they become teens, ha!


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