Saturday, November 7, 2015

Free OSR - PX2 Extra: Planar Primer

I've yet to come across a release from New Big Dragon Games ( +Richard LeBlanc ) that I haven't found immensely useful and a bargain for the price paid. The fact that Rich is giving the Planar Primer away for free is awesome. Some may dismiss it as only 7 pages long. Those 7 pages hold more useful Planar information than some 128 page books.

Did I mention the Planar Primer is free? It's also pretty much edition neutral. It might say BX / LL on the tin but the inside is pretty much game mechanic free and what game mechanics are there apply across rulesets (I can't speak for 4e, but then again, I never have ;)

Grab a copy of the Planar Primer. Study the Schematic of the Planes. I'm working on something in my head referencing it and you may be quizzed on a later post ;)

Just imagine if the Barrowmaze was below all this...

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