Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kickstarter - Infrared Tag RPG style - Go Ahead, Ask Why?

Alright, I feel a need to point this part out from the Infrared Tag RPG style opening video. If you are going to opt out on wearing shoes, wear clean socks. Better yet, wear shoes, as no one wants to see your socks. Oh, and nobody really wants to hear you ramble on during the video. When you say at 5 and a half minutes into the video that you were going to make the video longer (and it still clocks in over 9 minutes) it's probably already too long.

If the main video isn't enough for you, there are 11 more linked. Huzzah!

Maybe shoes should be part of the rewards offered
Did I mention:

This Kickstarter has failed once before (it was canceled after 5 days last month)?

That buy in for anything that actually might work starts at $399, and I assume you need at least 2 sets to make this work?

That the project creator "is currently a graduate student and, and such, has much free time on his hands when class isn't in session?" Which makes me worry that monies raised could go toward living expenses (it's happened often enough in the past to raise this flag.)

That after watching the video, I really fail to see the RPG link, except that adding "RPG" to the title appears to be an attempt to bring in rolpeplayers?

11 Days into funding - no backers towards the goal of $12,500.

Maybe the niche of a niche that's being aimed at doesn't have $399 to drop for an electronic game of tag...


  1. There are two things I always find myself wondering when I see this sort of presentation.

    The first is with all the (virtual) reams and reams of advice and pointers on how to plan, market, and execute a Kickstarter for the best chance at succeeding, why would *anyone* think this sort of presentation is even remotely acceptable?

    The second is why anyone would even try without a clear plan and means to implement what they say they're going implement.

    1. Kickstarter is a money machine. Says so right on the internet. All you need is a dream and "x" number of fools to part from their cash...

    2. Ha...I was once banned from rpg.net for quoting "a fool and his money" vis-a-vis a Kickstarter like this.

  2. Kickstarter is like an ATM. You put your project up and the money rolls in.


  3. I love the fact that he thinks the rewards are going to be delivered in three months. That's just precious.

  4. To be fair to them, the $400 level does give two sets, so you can play with just that. But that is as far as I can go in fairness. Any further would be lying.

    This whole thing looks ridiculous, and his concept of "RPGs" is purely of the computer game variety. It's also clear that he doesn't know what he's doing, just looking at his section on risks. If he has no idea what can go wrong, I don't think that he's going to find many people willing to risk $400 or more on him.

  5. "Hello everyone welcome to the unwashed, dirty socked hippie show! I am your host Dirty Hippie..."

    Wow. Someone is actually working the camera? If you are going to do this style of video, read a book on camera work or even watch a youtube pointer video. Should have tightened up the shot when someone was speaking and panned over to each guest for introduction. Fuck the couch, have every one sit a table.

    I love that some put up $5 lol

  6. I kicked in the $5, for new shoes!

    1. And you actually put that in the comments on the KS. That's just mean. :-)

    2. If by "mean" you mean "hilarious."

  7. I can buy "lazer tag" sets, new, for about $30 per pair (2 "guns", 2 targets). Some look like the Photon sets from the '80s.

    If I want to hit eBay, etc., and do some minor electronics repairs, I might be able salvage some of the Lazer Tag stuff put out by Worlds of Wonder during the same era.

    So...I'm not seeing where this is even an idea or "business opportunity".

    Perhaps the problem is I've been gainfully employed for too long.

  8. Photon. . .oh wow that brings a tear to my eye. I miss Photon.

  9. A graduate student with spare time? Sounds like a trap.


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