Sunday, June 8, 2014

Last Day of NTRPG Con - and I'm Hurting. It's a "Good" Hurt

The plan was to be in another session of +Matt Finch 's Swords & Wizardry game this morning, but that ain't happening. Partially because Rach and I never had our post dinner nap - instead we hung out with +Richard LeBlanc , David Welborn, +James Aulds and even +Michael Curtis for a bit before heading over to the Midnight Auctions. We spent the evening in a much more enjoyable manner than napping ;)

All of which means I'm typing this a half hour before game time, dopey and hungry, and +Rachel Griffin is still sleeping. Yeah, not happening.

I think next year, just one game a night and no morning sessions. The games have all rocked, but the most fun we've had has been hanging out with other members of the OSR community that I've known but had never met face to face prior to NTRPG Con. The time spent turning "online" friendships into getting to truly know them as friends has made my time here at NTRPG Con priceless.


  1. That's such a nice heraldic device. Love that Lone Star.

  2. Sorry to have missed you this year - next year!

  3. Hopefully next year for me. I think the one game/night is excellent myself.

  4. I never get to talk to everyone I want every year. It was great to meet you and your wife and hope we can spend some time downing a few brews and telling stories at the bar next year...


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