Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Brainstorming a S&W "Pick-Up" Adventure for North Texas RPG Con

There's been interest in me running a pick up session of Swords & Wizardry while I attend North Texas RPG Con in June with my lovely wife.

So, what do I pull out for inspiration? The Tome of Adventure Design, the D30 Sandbox Companion and the D30 DM Companion. Color me inspired :)

I just need to get back to playing with mapping again - haven't had the time nor the right mental state to map, but I feel the urge returning.

Figure the adventure should be able to be run in about three hours and I'm thinking low to low-mid level (3-5 seems to be a sweet spot).

Of course, this would be my first face to face session as a DM since '97 (though I've done dozens via G+ Hangouts).

Damn, long ass time.


  1. Woohoo! This type of thing is the reason I only signed up for 2 events :)

  2. If you want something fast and light for adventure design, this one is a gem.


  3. You've got some excellent resources backing you up. So if you suck it's all on you.

  4. Don't forget CC's Tricks, Empty Rooms & Basic Trap Design.

    Or his Treasure.

    Seriously, Treasure is a... treasure. Best DMs friend ever.


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