Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Here's the 34 Other Entries in the OSR Superstar Contest that are Moving on to the Second Round

Here's the list of the other entries that made the first round cut of the OSR Superstar Contest and are moving on to the next round. I'll have my staff pick 13 random numbers between 1 and 34 in the morning and I'll post the results tomorrow (this is to decide who gets the $5 RPGNow GCs and the D30 PDF)

Folks, if you made the list, start thinking about designing a new monster for Swords & Wizardry. Stat blocks, background, ecology, tactics - whatever makes your entry the best. Entries will be open until April 9th. We should be seeing 41 amazing entries ;)

As for the items listed below, we'll see them in more detail over the coming days.

Jason Reilly - Bow of the Grasslands

Mark Bober - The Lode Rod

Davis Brawley - The Jester Laugh

Tony Mullins - Beguiler's Eye

Jon Hiesfelter - Custodian's Conchitic Cover

David Chato - Crown of the Kobold Kings

Chri Nail - Sword of Kelnova

Legion McRae - The Choir Armor

John Owen - Staff of Spoken Words

James MacKenzie - Leaper's Lanthorn

Reginald McReynolds - Grave Digger's Shovel

Ed Hacket - Ghoul's Tongue

Eric Treasure - Lamp of Radiant Dispersion

Mark Clodi - Fantastic Rest Stone

Alexander Davis - Band of Oaths

Joel Davis - Deceptor

Gavin Norman - Mother Amulet Locket

Tim Snyder - Rune Eraser

Shane Knysh - Kef's Arrows of Tracking

Erin Bisson - Child of Brass and Ruby

Derek Fischer - Gauntlets of Greed / Generosity

Andrew Branstad - Chronoblade

Diogo Noguira - Backpack of the Brotherhood

Alan Mitchie - Tapestry of Tureign

Jim Stanton - Wizard's Pipe of Warning

Vita Moose - Fortescue's Gloves of Quasiambidexterity

Brian Richmond - The Lookout Beast

Danny Cline - the Marble Escritoire

Bill De Franza - Wondrous Wandering Wagon

Jasper Polane - Milvan's Master Index

John McCollum - The Wooer's Blade

Matt Kane - Book of Doors

Greg Gorgonmilk - YewGolm


  1. Yay! I made the cut! I AM special!

  2. Props to everyone.
    This is gonna be fun on a bun!

  3. Congratulations to everyone involved!

  4. Erik - So is the monster period officially open? Now until the 9th?

  5. Sweet :D Congrats to everyone else also :D

  6. Thanks! Glad I made it and congratulations to everyone else!

  7. Congratulations to everyone! If we didn't make the cut can we display our entries on our blogs?

  8. Congrats to the winners! You bastards. Oh, no, that's not sour grapes . . . that's just how I show affection!

  9. I also hail from the hug-and-a-shove school of love.

  10. Congrats to everyone who made made the cut!

  11. Epic Fail! I just realized I made the cut and missed the deadline for round 2! (facepalm)

    it's all good.


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