Friday, June 15, 2012

There's a Storm in My Brain!

My wife was out at a stained glass class (say that five times fast) with my mother tonight, so I got to do a little "brainstorming".  Yep, finally putting some parts of Never Unprepared into action.  Took me long enough. Well, not really, as I've been brainstorming during my drives to and from work. Just needed to find the right times to get my brain to work in the right ways.

For tonight's brainstorming I will firmly place the blame on Mike Garcia and Tony Love.  The timing was right, so I am not complaining.  A little more magic, a little Evil magic - back and forth.  Actually, maybe there should be a mix - never mind.  Might be saying too much.  It's dangerous to cross the streams, especially when it might give the player's in your games a "heads up".  That certainly won't do ;)

I must say, I do like the idea of being dually productive.  If I can design stuff for my campaigns and possibly get some of that stuff out into the RPG wilds too, I'm doing good.

As a side thought, I have some ideas for a DCC / ACKS mashup.  That's definitely for another night tho ;)

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