Sunday, December 26, 2010

Weather Update From the Tavern

Lets see:

Its cold, windy and snowing way too much.

I went out to shovel 45 minutes ago and I can't even see what me and the kid accomplished.

For once the forecasters got it right ;)

All that and work in the morning.  Sigh.

Hopefully work is slow and I get to read and blog.


  1. You're lucky that you get to shovel. I pinched nerves and now Tim won't let me near a shovel until I am done healing. I'm getting there, but boy, do I ever miss cranking the iPod and shoveling snow.

    Ah .... lucky lucky you.

  2. I've got the teens getting up a 6:30 AM to join me for shovel-a-rama 2010.

  3. i just had my son out there shoveling, as u can see in the pic ;)


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