Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If My Head Weren't Attached to My Shoulders...

I'd probably leave it at the pub or something. I'm sure it would have a blast, but I'd be annoyed as all hell.

Apparently I forgot to let the folks at OneBookShelf know that the email I use for their Blog Support Program is not the same one I use for my OneBookShelf / RPGNow account. There is a simple reason for that. Once I got into the program I started receiving up to a dozen emails a day notifying me of new releases / review copies available. That was too much for the email address I had been using, so I created a new one for the sole purpose of getting those notifications.

Since there isn't a match, as they were looking for me on my old email address (still the current one for the Blog Support Program) I may have missed the first beta wave of the "Print Test". Ah well, I'll get to try it soon enough. 'Tis but a small delay, or so I pray ;)

Anyhow, picking another Google Connect Follower for some LotFP goodness tonight. Yesterday's winner should be seeing his gift in his account tonight.

This weekend is the big giveaway. Still time to sign up via Google Friends Connect.

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