Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sometimes the Hook is Only as Good as the Players

Here I am, in the middle of a Castles & Crusades (via Fantasy Grounds 2) session, and all I can think is that my roleplaying almost cost us an adventure hook that I was willing to avoid at all cost (being the suspicious dwarf that I am).

Of course, there are 4 of us tonight, and you only need to hook one ;)

Still, it is something to bear in mind... if you can hook one player, you'll probably pull the rest in tow...

I'll remember that as I work on my Tunnels & Trolls campaign... (no asking for when yet... after the New Year at the very least)


  1. It would be brutal for a DM to have a police officer for a player, especially face to face. I mean, how would you ever lie when role-playing an NPC.

    "No need for me to roll a Bluff skill, DM, I can tell you are lying."


  2. Ah, but the best liars are cops, so we make great DM's ;) (to detect bulshit well, you have to be able to tell bullshit well)

    Besides, being a cop is kinda like being in High School for another 20 years... and high school makes for great gaming... heh

  3. I also was certain it was a trap. But once Alton took the bait we did not have a choice.

    Maybe he will grow to like his new face.


  4. Aye... as I said, hook one and you snare them all ;)


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