Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Contest - Win a PDF Copy of Realms of Cthulhu

Yep, thanks to the fine folks at RPGNow and Reality Blurs, Tenkar's Tavern is giving away a free PDF copy of Realms of Cthulhu. Bring a nice spark of horror to you next Savage Worlds game.

How do you enter? Very simple. Name the first Player Character you ever created and ran in an RPG. A single sentence will suffice, although you can fell free to talk about his /escapades further if you wish. Enter as a comment to this blog entry.

Contest ends 6 PM on Monday, September 6, 2010 at which point I will randomly pick a winner. Best of luck.

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  1. I don't remember the first one. I fail.

  2. Zondor the Elf was a Basic D&D (Holmes blue box) character I played in 1982. His first combat action was to cast Sleep upon a giant rat. The name Zondor came from an episode of MASH where Corporal Max Klinger claimed to be Zondor, King of the Gypsies.

  3. Figure I may as well post my own ;)

    Cyrus the Human Fighter. My DM Kenny only had the DMG so we had to call a friend to see if I leveled. I believe that was the summer of 80, in between 7th and 8th grades. I killed many skeletons and goblins solo, but I think the dice were fudged in my favor :)

  4. Kaephus Evard, some cyberpunk dude in a Rifts game. I remember I ended up stealing a police bike.

  5. My very first character didn't have a name. His name was just Ranger. I was also 8ish and it was for an ODD game that my cousin ran for my sis and I.

  6. Sukey, he was a fighter/magic-user in AD&D. We didn't have all the dice then so we used a 6 sided system. A 6 was a wound, a 1 was a kill, 2 wounds and you were dead. So I threw a lot of henchmen into the monsters.

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  8. My first character's name was Baniff, a dwarven mage in a post apocalyptic 1st edition D&D campaign. Though technically dwarves were not allowed to be magic users my DM wanted an all dwarf party. He devised a system wherein each level of spells required the use of a very high quality specimen of gem, which also supplied spell components up to 99.999 gold in value. Can I get an Identify anyone? By the time I was casting 5th level spells I needed to own a 25,000 gp value flawless black sapphire to power my spells. Fortunately my buddy Acererak out of the Tomb of Horrors was kind enough to provide me with it.

    We played actively from 1980 until 1983 when my DM moved off to college. The campaign was played a handful of times after he moved until the last session in 1990. When the curtain finally closed my mage was level 11 and had at one point survived being a talking fish for a year and a day. The moral of that story is this: if Poseidon tells you he can't tell you about d'Vecna...let it go.

  9. Nergal,a Human Magic-User in AD&D. I remember very little about him, at all.


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