Friday, September 10, 2010

Accessorize Your iPad

Recently I posted about some of the iPad apps I get decent use from ( pretty much geared to PDF viewing) Today I'm got give you a short post on accessories you can use for typing on your iPad... The key to blogging from your iPad

Probably the most flexible accessory for the iPad is the Camera Adaptor. With this, you can plug your camera via a USB cable to the iPad or use a SD card to view your pics. All that is nice and dandy. Surprisingly you can also plug a USB keyboard into the adaptor and now you have a full Suzette keyboard for your iPad. I tried it with one of those roll-up rubber keyboards that I found at a flea market for 7 bucks.

For my birthday I received Apple's keyboard and stand / dock for the iPad. Superb quality. Excellent key feel. Regretfully, as the ipad's port is on the bottom, you don't get to set this up horizontally. Also, it won't fit on the base if you have any kind of case on the iPad, even the official one that Apple sells - pretty big oversight if you ask me.

Right now I'm just using the virtual keyboard, as the other stuff is a bit bulky to carry around on a daily basis. Thank god the virtual keyboard on the iPad is pretty good... As long as I resort to the 2 finger typing method ;)

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  1. I found a couple of interesting accessories myself. The first is a capacitive foam tipped stylus made by Ten One Design. This will allow me to write on my iPad and more importantly paint in the Brushes application. I hope to use to capture quick sketches and to paint in color remote from my studio.

    The second is a case that embodies what I am fast becoming all about: great design. The company is called Dodocase and a short video of the handcrafted process is included in the following video. Fair warning it commands a stiff price. Mine is on way at the cost of $74.95 and is likely to take 2 to 4 weeks due to backlogs.


  2. Nice vid. Tempting, very tempting.


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