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Friday, May 26, 2023

Kickstarter - Artifacts of Legend (Dungeon Fantasy RPG)

Two volumes of epic magic items for your Dungeon Fantasy RPG campaigns.

I love me some Douglas Cole, regardless of the system he's writing for. OSE, The Fantasy Trip, Dungeon Fantasy RPG... Doug always seems to be setting new high water marks for quality.

I've known Doug for the better part of a decade. He was part of my infamous B-Team that delved into Castle of the Mad Archmage once a month. Doug has been a fairly frequent (and oft-requested) guest on the Tenkar's Tavern Livestream.

The Artifacts of Legend Kickstarter is 20 bucks for both PDFs or 40 bucks for both books in print plus PDF.

Artifacts of Legend contains 40 pages of weapons and utility items that were gifts from the gods to the heroes of Norðlond. 

  • Wield one of the four mighty Stormhammers, gifts from the God of Thunder to his most worthy servants.
  • Take up the undead-slaying spear named "Journey's End" (Ferðalok) by the Allfather. 
  • Drink of the milk of the very first cow in the universe
  • Partake in the sanguine delight of a very special batch of mead.

Also included in Artifacts of Legend are tables to generate other magic items that grow in power based on the deeds of their users and the blessings of the gods. The book provides charts to randomly generate Legendary and Runecarved items, including pages of worked examples. 

Artifacts of Saga features 36 pages of unusual items, and many are weapons of a darker or less overtly beneficial nature.

  • The Dawn Blade was a weapon forged to be used by the gods - it burns mortals who try and use it without proper protection
  • Team Evil gets to play too, with the Ring of the Fell Dead and the Wight Hand, made for those who are more necromantically inclined.
  • For those who like to try and use evil to do good ... seek out one of the Bloodfangs. Axes with bound demonic spirits in them, who whisper hints of great power if enough blood is spilled.

These items are tied to tragedy and mischance. No stone was left unturned in the search for power, and some of the items have been infused with the essences of powerful entities: demons, elementals, even the souls of the mighty. These spirit-bound items were wrought in the centuries after the leyferðs were destroyed in the Shattering ... proving that some stones should be left unturned!

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