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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Kickstarter - Fantastic Geographic Issue #2

Time is running out to back the Fantastic Geographic Issue #2 Kickstarter for the Silver Bulette folk (who WILL be on the Talking Crit Livestream tomorrow night June 22, 8 PM Eastern). Compatible with Mork Borg, but easily used with the OSR system of your choice. 6 bucks in PDF, 22 bucks - shipped for print plus PDF.

Fantastic Geographic Issue 2 is chock full of articles and is weighing it at over 60 black and white pages printed on 60# paper with an 80# glossy cover,  just like issue 1. 

This issue is focused on the APOCALYPSE theme and you will find everything from techno-zombies compatible with way too many RPG systems to an Apocalypse Generator. We have RPG design greats, like Skeeter Green, discussing mixing fantasy and sci-fi because he digs peanut butter with his chocolate as much as we do.

This issue features a wrap around cover by Dan Smith and some interiors. Other interior artists include David SImpson, Ed Bickford of Metal Robot, Del Teigeler, and more. 

Some of the articles include:

  • A post apocalyptic jungle lab adventure
  • The Laboratory of Thom Barker
  • Otto's Muffins: the next episode of the Turf War adventure path
  • The Junk Dragon
  • Techno-zombies
  • An apocalypse generator
  • A Night at the Lamb's Bray Inn 

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