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Monday, September 30, 2019

GoFundMe for Corey Langeslay - Flooded after Tropical Storm Imelda

I simply can't imagine living in a flood-prone location. If I get an inch of water in my basement I'm out of sorts for days. Yet here I am looking at a water line 3 feet high in this room. Simply scares the shit outa me.
Our home was flooded during TS Imelda.  We will be forced to move after just finishing a rebuild from Hurricane Harvey.  FEMA has not declared this a disaster at this time and we are living at a friends home.  our car and RV were destroyed.  Since we lived in the RV last time now we don't have a place of our own to sleep.   You can clearly see the waterline above 3 feet in this room, other areas had 65 inches of water. 

Corey is a gamer and he and his family could use some help from the gaming community. If you can't help financially, please share this among the social communities you are a part of.

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