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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Update - Up the River with #ConManKen - 8 Confirmed FTC Complaints Filed

As detailed in a prior post here at The Tavern, backers of the KotDT: LAS Kickstarter are able to file FTC complaints against Ken Whitman in regards to the KS.

We currently have 8 confirmed complaints against #ConManKen and probably more that haven't notified me of their complaints (so I'm unable to ensure I'm tracking the total number)

I am unable to find contact information for the woman from Atlanta that Ken fleeced for tens of thousands of dollars. If anyone has her contact info, please suggest she make a complaint at the link below:



  1. Here is the filtered link over at Not Another Dime.

    Link: http://notanotherdime.blogspot.com/search/label/Atlanta%20Actors%20Co-Op

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  3. if you're looking for the woman from Atlanta, I just heard from her today. PM me and I can give your her FB name.