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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Why iTunes and Google Play Music labeled The Hero's Brew Podcast "Explicit Content"

Yep, the Hero's Brew is "explicit content." Note, this is AFTER Glen went through and scrubbed every "shit" and "f-bomb" from the recording - yeah, James and I dropped a few.

So, why the "explicit content" label. The following exchange is my guess:
Tenkar - As of today, somebody got silver. 
Glen - Yeah, somebody got silver. 
Tenkar - It wasn't me. 
Glen - Are we talking suppositories here?
There you have it folks. WE are now officially "explicit." ;)

As of this morning, episode #1 has 135 downloads. Not bad for less than three days. No idea what numbers other podcasts do as I was never privy to the inner workings, but a pretty good start I think.

So, what are folks saying about The Hero's Brew podcast?
"I made my wife suffer through the new Hero's Brew podcast. She actually laughed a few times and didn't force me to replace it with her music!" - Ian 
"I really enjoyed. It sounded like y'all have fun" - Buddy 
"Great podcast! I really need to spend more time in the tavern." - Chuck 
"I love your focus on gamers not sleazy publishers!" - Name withheld 

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