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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Kickstarter - 28mm High Detail Pre-Painted Plastic Miniatures (what it says on the tin)

So, why am I highlighting the 28mm High Detail Pre-Painted Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter? A few reason and they all come down as lessons for others.

Pre-painted minis is a damn good idea. I love minis and have neither the skill nor the time to paint them. Then why is this campaign so unexciting to me?

First, the Kickstarter title should be something like "Role 4 Initiative Presents Pre-Painted Plastic Minis for RPGs" or such. As it is, the title is so generic as to be forgettable.

Then there are the pics of the samples. Could they have found worse lighting? Seriously, when you are trying to sell a physical product, presentation is everything and this is simply a failure to execute.

For five bucks a painted mini I don't expect much, but I do expect pics that show some sort of details, even if the details are a lack of details. The project is called "28mm High Detail Pre-Painted Plastic Miniatures".

The following has slightly better lighting and shows some detail (and promise)

Still, the colors are muddied from the lack of lighting.

Then there are the stretch goals that have the potential to drive this project into the red - if it had any hope of funding -

Physical stretch goals change the cost to complete the project. While fun to add, they are dangerous.

Oh, and don't sit in shorts in your video. Sometimes less is more. No video would have been more.

There you have it. Good idea poorly presented.


  1. these photos are probably from the factory in China making them... which means the photos were probably taken in a bathroom or basement... at least based on my years of working with them over the years.

  2. Considering the number of minis on the market. I really wish they would have made more less common figures. Nothing here you can't get in a half dozen other versions from other miniature lines.