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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hero's Brew Podcast - Episode #1 - The Trio Unleashed - IS LIVE!

We did it!

The Hero's Brew Podcast is here!

First episode is live and embedded right above. You can also play it on your IOS or Android device using the Podbean app and in a day or so it should be fully into the wilds of iTunes and other services.

We'll also be putting together a page here at The Tavern that will link to all of the epidodes as they release.

Should there be show notes? Definitely. Are there? Not yet.

What do we talk about? Listen and find out. You never know. Maybe we talked about you ;)

I'm just a screenshot to allow visual imaging on social media ;)


  1. FYI, the screenshot says "unleased." As in, you guys don't have any leases.