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Friday, November 25, 2016

Ken Whitman - American Success Story - How to Build a Career Off of Other Peoples Money

Kenny boy, I know you read The Tavern like its Variety - I mean, where else do people actually know your name?

Here - let me tally up Ken's successes:

- Non-speaking part in a McGuiver episode
- Three appearances as a mope in The Walking Dead
- Keeping one step ahead of AGs and process servers
- Selling photos of himself

Now - let me tally up Ken's failures - if I miss any, please add them to the comments below - note: we are only referring to Ken's failures in business ventures, and remember, just because Ken made money does not make it a success:

- Deck Dice
- Pencil Dice
- RPG Pencil Dice
- Castles & Crusades: Beyond the River (T.V. Pilot)
- Knights of the Dinner Table: Live Action Series (KODT: LAS) (this should count as multiple fails)
- Spinward Traveller (T.V. Pilot)
- Every other KS project Kenny had his grubby hands on
- Directing
- Editing
- Managing
- Producing - anything of value
- RapidPOD - MIA since 2004 - dust in the wind

Yes Ken, you have that certain look. I'd define it for you but such words are no longer considered politically correct these days. I'll leave it that have a "special" look.

Still using the equipment paid for by your Kickstarter backers to further for your career? You lovable lug you! You get to insult your backers AND your viewers. Lets see, make a livable salary and pay off your debts or have the sense of responsibility of a 5 year old and take up acting?

Yes, punting projects to Summer of 2017 with NO posted plans on how to actually complete such projects. The World According to Ken. That sir, is a fucking bucket of hubris.


  1. I love these posts on Ken. They are comedy gold! PURE GOLD!!!

  2. I always read his comments with Danny Devito's character in Always Sunny in my head.

  3. It's because of all the extra that he's able to share so much with us.

  4. Christ. I had a high school friend that appeared in dozens of episodes of the tv show "Dallas", bit parts in the 80s movie Robocop, Weeds and Raising Arizona, and was a love interest in a made for TV movie starring Peter Coyote (her longest role, lasted over a minute onscreen). All non-speaking, and she never considered herself a "success" or even a gainfully employed actress, she was an extra. Just like this POS.

  5. I'm sure we could all be thieving a-holes if we put our minds to it too :(

  6. "Kenny boy, I know you read The Tavern like its Variety - I mean, where else do people actually know your name?"

    It's only 20 haters and Jolly.

    When i look at all the feeds you guys put out, its bad reviews and what you dislike. Hell half or you are professional haters, you did not even back my Kickstarters.

    I am not running from the LAW, The LAW can find me anytime. The reason I was not served, is I have done nothing illegal. Can people serve me for small claims and civil, sure they can. Just like I could sue you Erik, but like me, you don't own shit, so it would be am empiric victory.

    So enjoy waiting more time haters & Happy holidays.

    1. Ken, to sue me I'd have to owe you something. I don't owe you shit.

      Everyone who backed one of your mismanaged KSs probably hates you at this point.

      Nobody is waiting on you Ken as everyone knows you'll never produce.

    2. Im sorry, my friend, my lawyers have already looked into your financial background. If you have to have over 250k in assets for it to be worth their time, nether you, Jolly count. Or me for that matter. And that is why you wont see legal action. Its not just about right and wrong, but no one gives a shit what us poor people do. And yes, any one who has less then $250k are considered poor.

    3. well we've been contacted by four stage AG's at this point, Ken looking into the KODTLAS ks. They seem to be having trouble contacting you however. Give me an address privately and I'll pass it along since you have no worries.

    4. Ken you need to dig deeper or find better lawyers. According to your criteria I more than qualify in terms of assets for you to sue me. So c'mon...

    5. You see, you have a full time lawyer on your side that happens to have a shit ton of money. I am not about to get into a pissing match with a 800lb gorilla in your home state.

    6. Jolly, you have my cell phone number, send it to the AG's. I'll talk to them.

    7. Ken - what's my real last name and DOB? Without that those sites you use to look up people's background won't work ;)

      It's funny. Lying is like breathing for you - it comes naturally and you need to do it to survive.

    8. sure you will Ken. Just like you showed up for your meeting with Dave Kenzer and I to discuss the DVD and your contract with us. You left town like a coward in the middle of the night and blew us off. Odd behavior for someone who claims they are on the up and up.

    9. It's been eight months since Ken told me that he had my given my IP address to his "FBI friend" (who does not work for the FBI) and that it would be less than 60 days until I'd be arrested and extradited to Georgia.

      None of that has happened. Kenny-boy is full of hot air.

      I think that if I had ripped people off for almost $200,000, I'd be able to afford a better life than moving back to Lexington, KY.

  7. Also, I do have speaking roles, but you know, your research on me half-assed and half speculation.

    One day, when your going to see movies, I am in, you can say "what a loser" as you sip your diet coke and shove popcorn in your pie whole.

    While your writing about my past, I will be creating a better future. Take care, assholes.

  8. Well, I'm so glad after bilking people to the tune of 100k+ you are so proud about moving on and rebuilding your future, Ken.

    As many of us were predicting you screwed things up in Atlanta and left owing people money. (btw Kelsey Marie could REALLY use the money you owe her).

    Little tip - if you want a better future stop taking people's money. And if you DO take money? Deliver. It's really a pretty simple concept.

    One you seem to fail to grasp. I mean c'mon, it's a matter of record that you have six failed kickstarters with nothing to show for it. (Wait - I guess you got a bunch of camera equipment out of the deal).

    Ken, it's not like people made it all up and are hounding you for answers. An apology and an admission you are done with those projects would be something. Hater? Yeah, I am. You took money from my family, friends and a lot f people I care about. And you gave them grief when they dared complain and asked questions. In your world it's okay to screw people over and walk away without any consequences.

    Maybe you won't end up in court. You seem to rely on the fact you have nothing and no one will bother. That's a pretty crappy safety blanket and pretty deplorable that you throw that up as a, HA HAAA.

    Mean while you've pissed through hundreds of friends and people who were supporting you. Anyway, good luck in Kentucky and your "new future".

    I anxiously look forward to August 2017 when absolutely nothing happens on any of your projects and you surface.

    1. Whats funny is you know people are working on contracts, AT YOUR COMPANY, to distribute the KODT:LAS DVD, AT THIS MOMENT, and still pretend like I am doing nothing.

      Get off your ivory tower and stop being a dick.

    2. Ken that's not true. The person you are referring to has told me they can do ZERO until you deliver a film to him. We both no that's not going to happen. So discussing any such contract is a moot point. I'll remind you this time last year said KODTLAS was finished and you were burning 10 DVD's a day. Your words. No forgive me if I think there's no way in hell you're going to finish it. Maybe you should take notes with one of those pencil dice you've been sitting on for two years. You know = the one's you posted were on a boat from China...? That's an awfully slow boat sir.

    3. Pencil Dice was the easiest one for Ken to succeed at - all he needed to do was use the money raised for the purpose it was raised for.

      Instead, Ken spent it on his ego and making film.

      Ken, I actually pity you and your delusions.

  9. (btw Kelsey Marie could REALLY use the money you owe her).

    Kelsey was contacted by one of you guys Via Facebook, sent me a email stating she could not work with me because of my past. I kindly said I could refund her After she took pictures of who sent me the email so I could turn them into the FBI.

    She has not sent me the name.

    1. So you are holding her money ransom until leverage informaton from her? Stay classy Ken.

    2. Kenny - where's my refund? It's been a year now, so I assume you'll never give it to me.

      Great customer service.

  10. The money for the projects is probably already spent. But how expensive would it be to put the KoDTLAS footage on a flash drive or DVD and mail it to Kenzer? $10 tops?

    If I had any confidence that it would happen, I would front the dough.

    1. Ken refuses to turn over the footage - despite the fact he was supposed to by contract. We'e thinking he no longer has the raw footage and that what he showed at GenCon last year is it. Which is why he's refused show backers and of he work he's claimed he's done on the footage in the last 18 months.

  11. Point being there's nothing we could use the money on. and givign it to Ken would be a very very bad idea.

  12. The list of failures does not include the Imperium Games/ Sweetpea Entertainmentfiasco that eventually sunk the Traveller4 (AKA Marc Miller's Traveller) roleplaying game. After KW failed to produce the results he boasted of (Traveller novels, comic books and movies), no one would work with him.