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Sunday, April 20, 2014

A New Look for Tenkar the Dwarf

+Craig Brasco , thank you for the latest portrait of Tenkar the Dwarf!

I really do want that beer stein - who needs a more traditional weapon when you can have this?

It must be magical...


  1. You don't have a lot of leeway for missing your mouth with that tankard. You'll poke our eye out.

    1. It's the Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun for the Dwarven lads ;)

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  3. That's a fine piece of artpropwmight be able to make a prop version of this tankard. I am not a a carpenter, but I can make it from some other materials {craft foam and clay comes to mind). You won't be able to drink from it...but can store dice in it ;)

    Couldn't edit, hence the deleted comment above.

  4. He looks a bit angry. Must be a Scotch drunk.