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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tenkar's Transformation II - A Tasty Brew and Temporary HP Too! (Swords & Wizardry Spell)

Tenkar's Transformation II

Spell Level: Magic User, 2nd Level
Range: Immediate vicinity
Duration: 2d6 Turns (20 minutes to 2 hours)

This spell turns two pints of any quality water (brackish, murky, salty, etc) into a tasty pilsner beer. The water needs to be in proper receptacles prior to casting (pitchers, mugs, cups, etc) for this spell to work.

A pint of Tenkar's Transformation II Beer has the following effects if drunk within 5 rounds of the spell's casting (after 5 rounds, it is still a tasty brew but it has no further effects):

     1 - 1D4 temporary hit points. Damage taken is counted against temporary hit points first. Temporary hit points can exceed the PC's usual max HP for the duration of the spell.

     2 - If drunk by an NPC, their morale is vastly improved. They will not flee unless the party    flees.

Drinking more than one pint has no additional effects.

This spell destroys any parasites that might be present in the water but does not neutralize or remove any poison therein.

Note: Duration of this spell should be rolled by the GM and not shared with the players until the spell expires. Relying on temporary hit points that one may not have later is a dangerous gamble.

(The Wizard Rathman researched various levels and versions of the above spell to reward and assist his adventuring companion, Tenkar Calishun. TTII was often shared between Tenkar and Rathman before entering a dangerous location, or between Rathman and a henchman if Tenkar was elsewhere. Some of these spells will be described in later blog posts.)

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