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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Monster of a Kickstarter - Adventures Dark and Deep Bestiary

Let me start by giving you a number:


That's not the funding goal (that's $1,500 and has already been surpassed).

No, 900 is the number of monster entires in the Adventures Dark and Deep Bestiary.

The game is written. The Player's Handbook shipped EARLY, and if you are even an occasional reader of this blog you know how rare that shit is.

Money raised past the initial goal of $1500 pays for art. Each $25 raised pays for an illustration. No wacky stretch goals for extra shit that is peripheral to the actual project. The stretch goals are for the art.

I'm in for a hard cover. I may up that later on down the line.

+Joseph Bloch delivers and delivers early. I like to put my gaming dollars down on a sure bet, and in the world of RPG Kickstarters this is about as close to a sure bet as you can get...


  1. I went full boat. Although I am a monogamous fantasy gamer, the system itself is cool and having 3 hard bound books to add to my collection is a real bonus. Besides, you never know when the Muse may move one on to something new and different. Thanks for the nudge on this kickstarter, my first one!