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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I've Decided on the 3K Post, 4 Year Blogging Anniversary Theme

Yep, I've decided on the theme for the Tavern in the month of May - A Swords & Wizardry related post every day. Thirty-one days of monsters, magic, NPCs, encounters, locations - the list goes on. It's a good way for me to warm up for the Copper Droppings e-zine.

So, what's in it for you? Besides my words of wisdom that is ;)

Each week I'll make a post asking for you to link your Swords & Wizardry themed post / article. The following week, I'll pick my favorite and give them a $5 RPGNow gift certificate. If you submit your article to Copper Droppings and it's accepted, you also get 5 bucks - but that's later on down the line.

As for the 3k post itself? When it goes up, add a comment. A random commenter will find themselves with a $10 RPGNow gift certificate.

At least you know where my referral cash from RPGNow goes - right back to the community that reads my shit ;)

+Matt Finch , +Christopher Helton and myself are still working out way through the 140+ posts from the S&W Appreciation Day blogfest - prizes will be awarded once we are done digesting...

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