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Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Kickstarter That Makes Me Go "Urh"? - Skape Rend URPG

I'm not even sure what the Skape Rend URPG actually is. It claims to be a tabletop RPG, but it's also app driven and has actors...
Skape Rend is a massive universal app driven tabletop RPG that's constantly evolving with the actions and decisions of players.
That still doesn't say much, but the following speaks volumes:

Launched April 17th, 2013

Raised $40 so far.

Needs to raise $50,000 by May 18th.

Critical failure? Yep


  1. The best I can make it out, it sounds like he's creating a MMORGP via a tabletop RPG that mimics the play of an MMORPG (which theoretically is based on tabletop RPGs), where the players do all the work of creating the world via blogs, etc.

    And I think when he says "we've ironed out this world," he means, "we've figured out a way for the players to do all the work."

    Ultimately, it sounds kind of like a pyramid scheme of RPGs to me.

  2. Perhaps it is an RPG -- or actually a LARP -- of a pyramid scheme about making an RPG. Perhaps all pyramid schemes are LARPS about making vast amounts of money, where everyone has to figure out if they are actually conning everyone beneath them better than they are being conned by everyone above, and when the shoe is going to drop. The core rules for that game are open-source and fit easily on a post-it note.

  3. What I get from it, is that it's like Torg. Everybody has their own campaigns, and the GMs report on what has happened in their games. These reports are then used by a central authority to figure out how the official game world changes in reaction to said reports. These changes are then reported back to the GMs to either incorporate or not incorporate back into their own campaign worlds.

    I really should try to see what information I can dig up on how WEG handled updated Torg. Should be an interesting read. Probably somewhat similar to the various Living * games run by the RPGA.

  4. Well, my confidence is certainly improved by the use of the copyright symbol in places where the trademark or registered trademark symbols would be appropriate. </sarcasm>