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Friday, February 17, 2012

Random Tables for Interrogation / Prisoner Debriefing (Torture By the Numbers)

Tell us what we want to know and:

1 - We'll make you a valued henchman, and love you and squeeze you and call you "George"

2 - I've got two tickets to Paradise, and one can be yours if your answers are right.

3 - I'll give you what's in my pocket.

4 - Safe passage for you and all your kin!

5 - We'll pay double what your chieftain, leader, BBEG is paying you.

6 - You can live. Ain't that enough?

'Cause if you don't give us what we need:

1 - We'll kill you, your wife, your kids and your dog. Well, maybe not your dog. I like dogs.

2 - I know how to cut-n-heal. Beware the Clerical Interrogator.

3 - I'll pull your entrails out through your neck and make you eat them. If you're lucky, I'll fry them first.

4 - Remember the 4 guys we talked to before you? Neither do I. They had nothing worthwhile to say.

5 - Our elf isn't a vegetarian - she's a goblintarian. She likes her meat fresh.

6 - We'll be stuck in this scene forever. Shit man! Give us a break!


  1. Love it!

    On an unrelated note, you're missing a free OSR game from your list: Backswords and Bucklers. One of my personal favorites.