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Saturday, December 8, 2012

There Will Be Benefits For Members of "2,000 Coppers" (Some may call it bribery;)

(remember, membership is free)

Here's the gameplan for 2,000 Coppers and my usual contests:

If I run a contest I'll be adding a prize just available for folks in the 2,000 GP community - when you enter the contest, just sign off at the bottom of your comment with:

"2kCP - XXX" - where XXX is your handle on G+

basically, its an extra chance to win - and yes, you can win a regular prize along with the 2kCP prize

I'll also gonna try and figure something out as a random gift, awarded once a month to a member of 2,000 Coppers - I'll update when I nail that down

There will be more going on at 2,000 Coppers, but this is the start ;)

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