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Friday, April 27, 2012

Cheer Bear Retires - Grumpy Dwarf Returns

Yesterday's experiment using "Cheer Bear" to comment on the latest Rule of Three was interesting, but I don't foresee a repeat.

I'll be back in "Grumpy Dwarf" mode for the next DnD 5e post-commentary. Some may not like the attitude, but in truth, when I had no issues with the original post, I said so.

As my hopes and desires for a successful release of DnD 5e / Next are being dashed on the cliffs of Failed Expectations and Impossible Goals almost weekly, I expect many more Grumpy Dwarf posts.

Once the Public Beta Test is released next month, I'm sure I'll be giving it my critical eye. Not to bash it, but to improve it. Oh, and of course to yoke what I can for use in the OSR. Assuming I find stuff worth yoking.

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